The Meaning
The lack of the meaning is the main cause of human stress.

Once upon a time, the Austrian psychotherapist and writer Viktor Frankl came up with the definition of "Sunday neurosis", causing a depression and a feeling of emptiness that people often feel at the end of the working week. Frankl noted that this state occurs due to the existential vacuum, which is typified with a feeling of boredom, apathy and emptiness. A person feels doubt, loss of purpose and sense. Viktor Frankl equated existential neurosis with a crisis of the life's meaninglessness.

Spring 2020 marked the beginning of the "Sunday neurosis" for all the humanity. The old collective programs of humanity are coming to an end. The usual meanings of life, institutions of collective trust are disappearing today, in the stead of them are coming programs of individualism. Self-isolation in a pandemic, the "social distance" are the first signs of a global trend. ⠀
In 2027, a lot will disappear irrevocably. The main condition for a happy life will be the art of creating senses for yourself and for people surrounding you. Anyone who can creatively develop this skill will get a chance for evolution and success. ⠀

For a full life, SENSES will be needed that go beyond the existing reality. And they should be in the universal UTILITY for future generations. ⠀

2020 is the beginning of an entry into an important fork in the evolutionary development of the human species. Natural selection is tough and simple. There are only two ways. ⠀

The first way is to increase the frequency of your brain: complicate consciousness, rapidly developing innate abilities and meta-skills, conceive the art of creating SENSES for yourself and your environment, acquire strong meanings in live communication with carriers of UP-SENSES. ⠀

The second way is to slowly degrade with an inertial majority: simplify the mind with low frequencies of digital fast food TV-shows, games, news; thinking in a cellular, fragmentary manner; dump the emotions of animal instincts by living someone else's in films, games, criticism. ⠀

One of two things is: up or down. Few people see it, everyone feels it. Everyone makes the choice himself. ⠀

Nurlan Muratkali
Summer 2020

Nurlan Muratkali in Instagram
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