tochka .live
5-day workshop of energy & information technologies
February 19-23, Moscow, Russia
The Energy of Life Mission
10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m
1700 $
Для участия заполните форму
Нажимая на кнопку Вы соглашаетесь на обработку персональных данных
You are looking for a way out to a qualitatively new level of life;
You want to "reset" the past, change the karmic programs, including ancestral and past lives;
You want to possess unique techniques for transforming reality - energy and information technologies;
You have the requests that require launching.
Why you need Tochka:
Founder of the School of Energy and Information Technologies
The Master
Nurlan Muratkali
“Many people can guess about their destiny. There are various systems for calculating a person's innate predispositions, as well as specialists who can help people decide what to do in life.
The problem is that a person of the XXI century does not have enough energy
to fulfill his Mission.

A person cannot live outside of society. However, the society is egregorial, and for the modern life in it, a person is forced to pay with his health, time and his own life, receiving in return only resources that are not able to fully satisfy the needs of the Soul.

The goal of Tochka .live-1 is to return the colossal amount of energy available to a person from his birth, in order to go out on his own path and realize his true Destiny. "
They have already chosen Tochka
is an educational project which programs are based on advanced scientific discoveries and achievements in the field of energy and information technologies, allowing people to:
Enter a new stage of human evolution.
Understand, accept and feel
their true essence;
Learn to manage the energy, bringing it back to normal rate;
Realize the inherent opportunities;

Find the power and the keys
to health and good luck;
Anticipate the future and control fate;
Ваша жизнь разделится на «до» .live и «после» .live
Start the implementation of unconscious and conscious requests of the Soul
Regain your energy and put the protective shell on your subconsciousness
See obviously and start getting rid of non-working strategies in your behavior
Have the unique skills in energy-information technologies of interaction with the world, people, yourself and your destiny
Become an abovegregorial player
Your results
After completing the 5-day workshop Tochka .live-1
"The Energy of Life Mission" you will:
What people say about us:
False programs are erased within three weeks after Tochka.
You feel good and you don't want anything.

Then work is going on the true desires.
You get the tools for their implementation
at the Tochka.
5 days, 10.00 a.m – 6.00 p.m.
(with coffee and dinner brakes)
Intensive: theory and practice, skills development, homework during
and after Tochka
Launching conscious and unconscious requests
In the circle of like-minded people, warm welcome from the team
The format of event
Until the point is left: