of metaskills
Be successful in the society
without soul treason
of metaskills
Be successful in the society
without soul treason
The project
up to date is the cutting edge of ideas about
the transformation of human consciousness.

Transformed the best original ideas of humanity, our team has collected the most effective tools for the practical solution of the problem of entering in the personal Destiny. acts on analogy with a mixed group of army special forces and Sherpa guides. We provides reliable and accurate information.

The person makes a choice and decisions by himself.

The goal of team is to guide a person
to the mail result of his life
Nurlan Muratkali
Lecturer at the St. Petersburg Academy of Psychosocial Technologies.
Professor at Sichuan University.
Healer. Vision restoration patent.
VIP trainer and trainer of trainers.

“The main thing in my work is business reputation. There is only one advertisement - one hundred percent result. My job is to search for unobvious growth points
in business, politics, career, health. "
Creator and Master
is an educational project which programs are based
on advanced scientific discoveries and achievements
in the field of energy and information technologies.

Our world consists of only 0.4% matter, 3.6% is intergalactic gas, and the remaining 96% of the Universe are the dark matter and dark energy.

We are the energy-informational beings
with innate abilities to control this energy. gives everyone the opportunity

to remember these innate skills and to start using them in everyday life: be successful

in society, have unique advantages and super-results.

Methods of allow to:
Understand, accept and feel
your true essence
Find the power and the keys
to health and good luck

Learn to manage your energy, independently bring it back
to normal
Anticipate the future and control fate

Realize the inherent opportunities

Enter a new stage of evolution
What people say about us:
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Смысл есть
Nurlan Muratkali
Отсутствие смысла является главной причиной стресса человека. Когда-то именно австрийский психотерапевт и писатель Виктор Франкл придумал определение «воскресный невроз», характеризующее подавленное состояние и ощущение пустоты, которое люди часто испытывали по окончании трудовой недели.

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Лето 2020
Фрагменты из книги
Nurlan Muratkali
По просьбе команды, представляем вам отрывок из предисловия моей книги, адаптированный под эту статью. Сейчас, в конце апреля 2020 года, это послание, думаю, будет поддержкой для всех, кто чувствует глобальность предстоящих изменений.⠀

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Тройка, Америка, Дух⠀
Nurlan Muratkali
Одна из задумок - найти подходящих людей и создать «идеальное трио» или, как я тогда это называл, - «святую Троицу»: мудрый Старец, молодой Гвардеец и непорочная Дева.

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