Dear friend!
  • How often have you made decisions that powerfully strengthened, drastically changed you and the world around you, dramatically improved the quality of life?
  • How often have you missed a chance, haven't seen an opportunity, or acted ineffectively at the exact moment?

Did you feel "that" moment, or only after a while you realized that you were at an important fork of your life way?

Do you want to understand the principles
and to develop the strong decision-making skills?
Let's start with the basics.

Without the basics the deeper things

won't be understood.

The strong decision-making skills

- this is the main thing in changing yourself and the world.

A person can change himself only by acting in a new way in unusual circumstances.
In this formulation every word is important. Now I omit the explanation.
There is no power in knowledge.
It is impossible to change simply by reading texts, books, watching films. Knowledge has just little effect on human behavior. There are exceptions: only 1-2 percent of people are able to work effectively with information and knowledge. These are qualitatively different people - they have the skill of making strong decisions.

There is no past.

The reason for poor decisions is that a person acts in a programmed, habitual way. Decisions are made by the subconscious mind automatically, based on the experience of the past, which is no longer exist.
A person can be changed by circumstances, situations.
– and only those that make you deeply experience what is happening. It can be a real danger, a stressful situation, in which the person is an active participant. And in order to find a way out, so that the meanings which are important for him and for himself's survival, a person needs to radically change something in his deep settings of consciousness. The situations of a spectator, an outside observer, a reader will not change a person. Even with bright insights and emotions. In addition to comprehension and accepting the new, there must be a consolidation in action.
The decisions are made by the subconscious.
Instantly and automatically.
The opinion that people make their own decisions is a myth and an illusion. The average person in 99.99% of cases makes decisions even before thinking about any question. And he accepts them on the basis of established patterns, most of which were not developed by him but just introduced in his consciousness during his childhood. The decisions which are not from his personality and consciousness originally.
Four seconds
— the minimum speed of making decision by the subconsciousness. The subconscious mind is like mocking a person: having instantly made a decision, it leaves person with the torment of "thinking" and the illusion of the choice independence. A person really sleeps in reality, acts like a programmed automaton. And he reproduces the same decision pattern for years, decades.
Unique situations are the chance for unique solutions.
In the situations where there is no solution template, the subconscious mind can transfer the decision function to the personality's consciousness. Only cornered – in situations that are truly non-standard, literally vital, that 0.01% appears, and a person gets a chance for unique, STRONG DECISIONS in his life. They are so strong so their implementation increases success and results in tens and hundreds of times.
At this moment a person becomes himself – a Genius.

Consciousness' creativity is the basis for strong decisions.

To get rid of the standard reactions is not an easy task: it is the opposite of what we have been doing our entire previous life. Living according to its programs, it is possible to win from the powerful subconscious only using the creativity of consciousness, the will and the skills of making strong decisions.
False self.
Convert your Inner Critic into a Statistician.
In stressful situations the Inner Critic becomes the main obstacle in making strong decisions. This is the false self of our consciousness. The person believes that this is what he is. But this is not true. The danger of the Inner Critic is that he diligently avoids situations that entail the serious changes in his life. Because at those moments he realizes his uselessness.
The Inner Critic is a separate, capacious topic. I have allocated a special block of lessons at the Tochka and a chapter in my book for it.
Form your spirit.
Spirit is a special alloy of consciousness, will and soul of a person. Talking about the consciousness of personality, I mean the abilities of imagination and creativity. The will and work with the subconscious is a separate topic.

At the age of 19, in the army, I read at first time a partial translation of Bruno Betelheim's book – 'The Informed Heart.' This reading became an event in my life that taught me the main thing - the making of strong decisions. This thing strengthened all the decisions I had previously made and largely determined my fate. Over the years, I also got acquainted with the works of another unique person – Viktor Frankl.
The similarity of the fates of these two people is surprising. Both Bruno and Viktor are famous psychologists, the Austrian Jews, Viennese, prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. And both have survived, becoming an example of human and scientific feat.

The most amazing thing was that at different times, not knowing each other and independently of each other, they made two strong decisions in their lives. The decisions that shaped their lives and influenced the lives of thousands of others. Including mine.

Being on the very edge of life, losing their loved ones, the last remnants of health, sense, honor and personality, they made a decision: TO DO WHAT NO ONE MAKES THEM TO DO - brush their teeth and write mentally a scientific monograph of the human behavior in extreme conditions.

For two they went through five concentration camps, including Dachau, Auschwitz, Buchenwald. Both survived. After going through hell, they came out unbroken – the great writers, scientists, personalities who discovered new directions in science and the art about human.
What to do right now:

First, to make this possible, START TRYING TO SEARCH STRONG SOLUTIONS.

Accept the fact of existence of the principles, approaches, rules and techniques that make it easier to find strong solutions.
Find your mentor whose skill you have no doubt about. And start adopting his skills, observing his work, trying to repeat not element by element, but all at once as a whole.
Logically, illogically, systematically.
The process of finding effective and strong solutions is a creative challenge. The hardest part of learning the skill and the ability to make strong decisions is to transmit and receive it INTEGRATELY. Not dividing the skill into parts, principles, techniques, methods, but grasping the essence in its entirety. Through attempts to feel, catch the state, dynamics, the moment.
And having felt this state, remembering it, being in it, try to act according to the Spirit of your True Self.

This can be difficult at the very beginning of the training. Because you will meet a powerful resistance from your own mind and body. This is a difficult, sometimes thorny path of a researcher and creator. And it is incredibly interesting and sincere joy of being, full of divine discoveries.
That is why we have created a training system,
the methodology of integrity – the project
The essence of project
is learning including the art of making strong decisions in your life. How to find strong moves in any situation that give two-three-ten-hundred-fold results.
Get started. I can offer you only what I have – the Tochka.
Make a decision and go to the Tochka.

Tochka guarantees some points:

Tochka will "infect" you with the exploratory passion of experimenting your own life.
It will give you the state of your inner strength, the taste of your personality.
It will get you rid of the habit of effectively living not your life. You will make a strong decision to LIVE AND BE HAPPY.
Nurlan Muratkali
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